Justin Bieber must be eager to recreate the uproar he caused last Friday with the "Sorry" dance video AND his multi-city, graffiti-centric track list reveal: He's just shared his own "Hotline Bling" remix via an actual hotline.

The stunt feels not unlike the 1-900-number trend of the late '80s/early '90s, when young fans ran up their parents' phone bills for the chance to hear recorded messages from New Kids on the Block or MC Hammer. Dialing the number, you'll hear Justin's version of Drake's semi-controversial hit, poorly-recorded ostensibly on purpose. Whether they simply wanted to give the remix an "I'm singing this to you while standing at the world's last functioning payphone!" feel, or there's a slicker version on the way remains to be seen. Perhaps Drake, Justin and "Cha Cha" artist D.R.A.M. can collaborate on one remix to end them all.

The song's intro name-checks his recent hits — because who's got time for subtlety when it's album promo o'clock? "'What Do You Mean' it's not like that? Oh, you're 'Sorry?' Well 'Where Are U Now' that I need you?" he jokes, before launching into a runs-heavy cover.

As for what happens if you dial 1 for "bling bling," you'll just have to see for yourself.  But just in case you're currently *between phones* right now, listen to a recording via SoundCloud below.