Justin Bieber teased his fans on Instagram a snippet of a new song titled 'It's Working' and fans can't help but wonder if Biebs singing about Selena Gomez.

Despite being a really brief clip, you can hear the emotion in Bieber's voice as he sings the lyrics: "You know exactly what to do to hurt me / It's working / It's working." From the snippet, it sounds as if Bieber is singing about heartbreak in this seemingly downtempo R&B tune.

Needless to say, Bieber fans are wondering about whether the song is about on-again, off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez. Their relationship this year has been a whirlwind as they've been spotted together a few times including at SXSW in Austin and at Coachella. But recent reports regarding Selena suggest that she is looking to make a change in her life for the better after she purged her Instagram account and vowed to "take her power back."

In any case, we'll have to wait for Bieber to release the entire song to get a better sense at the message he's getting at. Click on the clip above to hear a teaser of the song.