Team Adam Levine on 'The Voice' has a big fan: Justin Bieber. The Biebs posted an update on his Facebook page urging fellow Beliebers to "belieb" in Team Adam's finalist, Javier Colon, the dreamy R&B singer who has had his music industry ups and downs, yet keeps on trucking.

The Biebs posted this note: "WATCH! Javier from TEAM ADAM is a BEAST! support him on THE VOICE! got to support friends and this dude knows Ernie Halter too."

Wow, that's a massive endorsement from the Biebs for Team Adam. The final two episodes of 'The Voice' air Tuesday and Wednesday and Bieber is certainly trying to sway the tide towards Colon. And we're not surprised Colon knows humbled indie artist Ernie Halter, who received a surprised visit from Bieber and Selena Gomez last month while performing in L.A.

Levine actually told Jimmy Kimmel on his eponymous late night talk show that he is friends with Bieber's manager and even got into a shoving match with Bieber during a basketball game. Guess there were no hard feelings remaining between these two, as the Biebs has pledged his full support of Levine's last man standing on his 'The Voice' team.

Colon is certainly a favorite and now, thousands of the Beliebers are well aware of him. We wonder if he's ready for the level of recognition that comes from a Bieber approval.

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