Justin Bieber gets it: His commercial for his new fragrance 'Someday' is cheesy. But instead of moping around about what we call an "'SNL' spoof gone terribly wrong" -- featuring piggy-back rides through floating clouds -- he decides to do his own mock skit, with 'SNL' veteran and talk show host Jimmy Fallon.

Incorporating a black-and-white, hazy motif, Justin tantalizes his audience with squinty eyes and a husky whisper: "Someday … We'll be together," he says into the camera. Then he adds (with a straight face), "Someday … I'll be older … Fatter," before Jimmy Fallon jumps in to the picture, sporting the same leather jacket and mop of hair and repeating the uncomfortable, yet sensualizing slogan. Fallon adds, 'Someday … You'll look like this," pointing to himself and using excuses like "I just got busy" and "your metabolism changes a bit."

"I can even eat five slices of pizza and not gain an ounce," is how Biebs responds. Did we mention this is all still in a whisper?? But before they go off on too much of a tangent, Bieber kindly asks Fallon, "Wanna do more 'Somedays'"?

The two talk about the important things we think all about in the near future, such as one day when "video games will be an Olympic sport" and when "we'll have robot arms and eat tacos made out of light."

It's an entertaining minute-and-a-half that sort of redeems Bieber from his initial attempt to win us over with his fragrance commercial. After all, we gotta be easy on the guy, he was just taken down by an undercover police officer at Macy's promoting the fragrance.

So yes, Biebs, we forgive you.

What the Justin Bieber and Jimmy Fallon 'Someday' Commercial