Hanson are celebrating 20 years in music (and making a lot of us feel really, really old). To commemorate the occasion, they offered advice to current teen and tween stars on how to last in the business. Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and more: listen and learn!

When asked about Cyrus, Taylor's answer was immediate. "Focus on music, less on boobs." Ouch! The Jonas Brothers were up next -- a band that bears plenty of parallels to the 90's idols: three brothers playing pop rock and being featured on tween girls' posters. "They seem like they're actually trying to focus and look at longevity," Taylor said, crediting the JoBros. "One's doing the solo project, one's doing the Broadway thing ... they're making the right choices."

And what about the Biebs? "Honestly, I think he's on a really good trajectory," Isaac said. "He seems to have a really good voice, and so that ultimately becomes about picking the right songs." As for Bieber's lady love, Selena Gomez, the guys only had glowing reviews. "I think she's really talented," Taylor said earnestly, accompanied by "yeahs" and nods from his brothers. "She's got a lot going for her. She seems to be very composed, and that says a lot."

The guys had some different views on the hair-whipping whippersnapper, Willow Smith. "Talk to your dad!" Taylor said. We agree: Will Smith knows his stuff.

The Tulsa-bred MmmBoppers had general advice as well. "In all cases, know what you want to do in the first place, stick to your guns and watch your business," Taylor said.

"Find mentors, whether it be songwriters, artists or whatever it is, and talk to them," Isaac added. "Always try and learn something."

Zac, who had been relatively quiet for most of the interview, chimed in as well. "Isaac offers a mentoring service," Zac deadpanned. "It's only about $150 an hour." We're just surprised none of them advised on putting stars' names on a Pilsner.

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