Justin Bieber's holiday hit 'Mistletoe' was subjected to parody treatment by In the Key of Awesome. The song and video are retooled and reimagined to create a version of the Biebs that takes advantage of his rampant popularity with the ladies. As the new lyrics state, "I get more a—than a toilet seat."

The fake Biebs, who looks nothing like the real thing, even with the poufy hair, sings as the snow falls, wisely using his fame to have a parade of chicks eating out of the palm of his hand. The video paints an image of what the Biebs would be like if he were a jerk instead of a wholesome, clean cut Canadian. He continually rakes a brown-haired devotee over the coals, berating her for her looks, talking about her having a big butt and making her go dutch on their date, where they drink affordable warm beverages. So in this alternate universe, not only does Bieber toss off insults, but he's cheap, too.

He cheats on the hapless doormat with a Hooters gal (and more!) and ends up having a car accident. He's laid up in the hospital, still a jerk and slapped with a paternity suit. Karma's a b----.

You'll have a holiday chuckle at this video, since the Biebs' level of fame makes him an easy target. We still adore the real thing. We're sure Beliebers will take this parody as a personal affront to the Biebs and start hurling insults and death threats, and waging digital warfare on the creators.

Watch In the Key of Awesome Parody of Justin Bieber 'Mistletoe'