Say what you will about Justin Bieber's personal life, but there is no denying that the almost 20-year-old singer has a killer voice. And it must run in the family, because The Biebs just recorded a video of his mom Pattie Mallette singing -- and she sounds amazing.

"Got my moms courage enough to get in the booth for the first time she sounds so good :)" Bieber captioned the Instagram video, which he posted today (Feb. 21). The clip already has more 400,000 likes and counting.

"You disappeared on me like a lightning flash," Mallette sings in the vid, looking ever at ease as she sweetly croons into the mic.

Mama Biebs may have been nervous to step into the studio, but all of her worries disappeared once she started singing. And she couldn't wait to share her excitement with her Twitter followers (and her son) writing:

Hold the phone -- Mallette just recorded her first song and The Biebs wrote it for her? Beliebers, are you still breathing?

It's clear from her tweets that Mallette had the time of her life laying down her first-ever track -- and we couldn't be happier for her!

Does this mean that we can expect a mother-son duet in the future? We can only hope!

Watch Pattie Mallette sing: