Justin Bieber is bigger than the country that spawned him. The Biebs, who turns 19 on  March 1, has more Twitter followers than his native Canada has residents.

The Biebs has approximately 35,150,000 Twitter followers, making him the most followed person on Twitter. Statistics Canada released an unofficial report in October 2012 estimating that the country had 35,002,400 residents, according to Entertainment Wise. So by those numbers, it's as though every single person in Canada is following him.

The Biebs launched his career through social media and is an active tweeter. He passed Lady Gaga and took the Twitter baton from her. Social media watchdogs claimed that more than half of Gaga's followers fake, inactive or bot accounts and that the value in a massive Twitter following comes from the amount of retweets.

Does the same principle apply to The Biebs? Not really.

Beliebers retweet quite and bit and they broke the Internet on Grammy night when their hero tried to stage a web chat. More people were tweeting about The Biebs than about the Grammy ceremony, so whether or not the birthday boy has more followers than people living in his home country doesn’t really matter.

He runs the Internet, Twitter and all.

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