Host LL Cool J was imploring viewers to tweet about the 2013 Grammys on Sunday night (Feb. 10) while on some exotic island with a poor quality web connection, Justin Bieber was rubbing his hands together and staging a takeover. It was a David vs. Goliath social media battle, with The Biebs emerging as the clear victor, since he had exponentially more people tweeting about him.

The Biebs was attempting to hold a live chat with fans, which broke the Internet. While some might think The Biebs was silly and behaving like a petulant child trying to take on an institution like the Grammys, which has been in existence four times as long as he has been alive, he was a hotter Twitter topic than the event itself.

Who's getting snubbed now, huh? Clearly not The Biebs on Twitter.

The Biebs was not nominated nor was he on site nor was he mentioned at the telecast. And despite all that Grammy starpower, it was he who was dominating Twitter and from a remote location.

We'll spare you all the gory, boring details, but we'll leave you with this. The Biebs had more Twitter mentions-per-minute than anyone else in music, and at a 10 times higher rate than the next closest person to him.

He was digitally untouchable.

While his live chat failed, he posted shirtless pics and it stirred up so much Twitter chatter – Beliebers crying, nashing their teeth and wringing their hands, trying to make a connection -- to push him ahead of anyone at the Grammys.

Oh that Biebs. He is social media savvy.

He also never trashed the Grammys, likely because he covets one so bad. But he did put his dukes and won the battle and the war.

We expect to see The Biebs at the event next year, and we expect the Grammys to roll out the red carpet for him. He can totally up their social media presence. He has made that abundantly clear on Sunday night.

Le Biebs may be without a Grammy but the score is official. The Bieber, 1. The Grammys, zilch.

Watch Justin Bieber's Video Chat