With the news of Mariah Yeater claiming that Justin Bieber is her baby daddy spreading like wildfire, The Biebs' "other mother and father" in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario are coming to the 17-year-old's defense. The family claims that they know he did not father Yeater's baby during the now infamous alleged 30-second encounter in Los Angeles, as she claims. Bieber maintains that he has never met Yeater.

First off, a little history lesson, Beliebers. Who is this "other mother and father?" Well, they are Martin and Sharon Butler, and according to the Daily Mail, the Butlers nurtured The Biebs when he was a little tyke who used to sit next to their son Ryan in school. The Butlers provided additional parenting to Bieber to assist his mother Pattie Mallette, who was her son's current age when Pattie got pregnant.

"We all knew that something like this would be coming sooner or later – that some woman would see dollar signs and try to shake him down," Martin Butler told Mail on Sunday. "We gave Justin the boundaries he might not otherwise have had. We taught him to respect women and he has been coached by his handlers on the importance of being careful and resolute. There is no way that what this woman claims ever happened."

We believe all of that. The Biebs was raised with good core values, but he also has a team of adults in place to advise him on matters such as this, and to protect him from those who want to prey on his fame and fortune.

Bieber's friend Ryan Butler weighed in as well, and his words have heft since boys will boys -- and will talk to other boys! If anyone would have heard about Mariah Yeater, it would have been him!

Ryan said, "Justin never mentioned her to me and I am certain he'd never even heard of her. It's just stupid that people even think this could have happened. He would never screw up his life by having sex with some strange girl in a bathroom," Ryan vented. "It's not him. Every kid in Stratford knows about birth control and we were brought up not to have sex randomly. Sex is something that waits until you are the right age and you are sure it is the right thing to do."

Ryan continued, "Justin, in particular, knows that 17 is too young to have the responsibility of supporting a family. He knows what happened to his own mother after she got pregnant with him and he knows how she struggled and he would never repeat her mistakes."

The Biebs reportedly will submit to a paternity test to prove that Yeater's son is not his.