Justin Bieber made headlines in London last week when he wore a questionable outfit comprised of purple, leopard-print, Zubaz-style pants and a studded yellow hat, as well as a gold watch on each wrist. It was tacky and unstylish, which shocked us, since the Biebs usually puts his best kick forward in his typical teen pop star style, since he is photographed with such frequency. Turns out, the Biebs dressed so unflatteringly for a reason.

While the web exploded with discussions about Bieber's choice of attire, it was all just a dare, since Biebs Instagrammed a composite of the photos and wrote:

Ryan said you won't go out in that, I said watch me/ Haha, too colorful. Next time I'm gonna wear a black hat.

The "Ryan" he refers to is likely his BFF Ryan Butler, who also stars in the Biebs' 'One Time' video.

The Biebs also revealed that a Belieber had gifted him with the hat so despite the backlash, he was still glad he wore it.

That Belieber is probably losing her mind over A) the fact that the Biebs wore what she gave him and that B) it sparked major online discussions and C) that the singer didn't regret wearing it. Aw!

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