Controversial sculptor Daniel Edwards cannot get enough of Justin Bieber. First, he sculpted Selena Gomez/Justin Bieber as nude Siamese twins, and now he has created a metaphorical sculpture of Justin Bieber's nether regions. Yes, we are talking about down there.

Edwards' latest Bieber piece (no pun intended) is titled 'Allegory of a Teen Sex Symbol (Justin Bieber)' and features a symbolic translation of Bieber's bits and pieces, with Looney Tunes characters taking place of his you-know-whats. Bieber's goodies are represented with Sylvester and Tweety, and the sculpture is supposed to represent the over-sexualized nature of the 17-year-old pop star.

"Daniel is commenting on how young celebrities grow up too fast in the media -- how they are often sexualized too soon," said Edward’s representative Cory Allen (via Zimbio). Edwards also commented on the artwork, saying, "It would be naive and hypocritical for anyone to be offended by this simple sculpture, yet be apathetic towards the plethora of images to which they subject themselves on a daily basis. I stand by the work."

We definitely see where Edwards is coming from, as the adorable Bieber has had girls chasing after him before he even reached maturity, and music execs definitely feed into this "teen heartthrob" persona. However, we can't deny that the statue makes us squirm in our seats a bit.