Justin Bieber is not stoked about Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar proposing that people who perform copyrighted material on the Internet should be locked up for their "crime" of  handling intellectual property that they don’t own. Want to sing a Justin Bieber song and upload it to YouTube? That'll be punishable by jail time if she has her way. Talk about harsh and ridiculous.

During a chat with a radio station Hot 99.5, the DJ mentioned this proposed legislation to The Biebs, who quickly reacted, saying, "Whomever she is she needs to know that I'm saying she needs to be locked up. I just think that's ridiculous." We don't disagree with JB.

There's a lot of folks who think it's a ridiculous batch of bulls---. A free speech and fair use advocacy group has been using The Biebs image and likeness to get the point across that this is ludicrous legislating, since he shot to fame on the back of his YouTube videos, where he sang others' songs. Translation: If this bill became a law, The Biebs would be behind bars. The bill is currently with the Judiciary Committee. It has not been called for a vote before the Senate or the House.

The Biebs also said, "People need to be able to sing songs." When asked how he feels about other people singing his songs, he said, "I check YouTube all the time for people seeing my songs … I think it's awesome … I think it's great when people sing my songs live."

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