Fisker Karma? What Fisker Karma? Justin Bieber left his environmentally friendly, hard-to-get ride at home in favor of cruising around Los Angeles in a tricked out and super compact Smart Car. You didn't think The Biebs would be seen in anything that wasn't jacked up or pimped out, did ya?

The car's 'Smart Car' emblem, located in the rear of the vehicle, was swapped out for one that reads 'Swag Car.' The tiny black vehicle is eye catching, especially with its new logo. The Biebs has swag, therefore his ride must follow suit.

It's certainly not as flashy as the Fisker Karma, which inspires "Ooohs" and "Aaahs" on the road, especially when he's seen out and about and nabbing some fast food with his lady love, but it's still got the signature Bieber style.

Let's hope that the swapping of logos doesn’t give the 'Boyfriend' singer a headache, since the Fisker Karma is reportedly a bunch of tickets waiting to happen, thanks to its purple lights.