Justin Bieber set off sparks -- literally -- when he punk'd his pal and his girlfriend's girlfriend, Taylor Swift. For the new generation of the practical joke show 'Punk'd,' The Biebs recruited his girlfriend Selena Gomez, aka Swift's bestie, to aid in successfully pulling of his prank of Swift, which marks the upcoming season/series debut. But The Biebs only "used" Gomez in spirit; she did not "actively" partake in the punking!

HollywoodLife reports that The Biebs phoned Swift and invited the singer to his beach house to help him write a song for Gomez. "Taylor agreed and even asked him to open for her at her show that night at the Staples Center!," an insider told the site. Perhaps that was the "collaboration" between The Biebs and Swift that has been at the center of much blogger chatter?

Perhaps not, since once The Biebs had lured Swift to his lair, he convinced her to help him set off fireworks in the backyard. As a result, an off-shore boat ignited. The boaters -- who were actors in on the joke, unbeknownst to Swift -- had to leap off the fiery vessel and swim to safety. The set up was to make it appear as though the boaters were in the middle of a wedding so Swift would think their little firework stunt just ruined their big day. The bride, the groom and the priest wash up on shore in full nuptial attire. They then launch into an attack of Swift, accusing her of ruining the ceremony. Yikes!

Despite that drama, Swift did not break out into tears, even though we would not have blamed her if she did. "Taylor didn’t start crying but was very freaked out and was like "OMG I'M SO SORRY!" Justin was trying to downplay the situation, When he said she’d been punk'd she started laughing and said, "How could you do this to me?!'" the source said.

Sounds like 'Punk'd' is back in a big, big way.