Nothing motivates a pop star more than haters. Just ask Justin Bieber, who is the target of more than his fair share of haters on the web and beyond. The Biebs was in Mexico over the weekend as he is embarking on his sold out 'My World South America Tour.' He participated in a press conference in Mexico City on Saturday, Oct. 1.

Off limits topics? His relationship with Selena Gomez. He did speak about 'Under the Mistletoe,' which he is in the throes of promoting, and about his love for his diehard, rabid fans. But he also took a moment to address the haters, of which there are many. Come on, who doesn't know a Bieber hater or 10? pointed out The Biebs' reply to a reporter's question about the possibility that he might end up with a similar fate to that of the late Michael Jackson, a child star who suffered later in life as a result of his early fame.

Here's how The Biebs fielded that difficult question: "You know what? Good and bad things happen to everybody. It's fate. This life can be so fun, and sometimes you can lose yourself in it. And I'm gonna try my best not to lose myself because I think it's important to just always be yourself no matter what. And that's what I am."

Impressive right? He continued, "I'm myself, no matter what people think of me or say about me. I've got a lot of haters -- on You Tube, on Twitter, Facebook. There's a Facebook group, 'I Hate Justin Bieber.' But, at the end of the day, it's like 'You're promoting me. You're letting people know about me.' There's over a million people in this group that are just talking about me so I must be doing something right to get that much recognition. And so, I say 'thank you' to my fans and 'thank you' to my haters." The Biebs is right. The haters spread the word just as much as the uber fans! We also love that he is aware of the anti-JB Facebook groups.

Could it be that The Biebs really is growing up and has a truly informed and adult self-awareness? It sure sounds like it. With this type of mature attitude, The Biebs and his fame are well on his way to outliving the haters. Look for this kid to have a long and fruitful career.

Watch the Justin Bieber Press Conference in Mexico City