For like ever, Lady Gaga ruled the Twitter roost. The Twitterverse was solely her domain, as she racked up over 30 million followers. She is about to lose that crown this weekend, as digital experts and people who pay attention to these sorts of things predict that she will be overtaken by Justin Bieber! The monsters are about to be pushed aside by Beliebers.

Don't look so shocked, millennials. This was bound to happen.

As of Friday, Gaga had approximately 33,198,000 followers, about 46,000 more than the Biebs, who had 33,152,000. He is expected to close the gap, since he is adding followers at a more rapid clip, this Sunday by 4:30PM ET.

That'll make The Biebs the King of Twitter, as he will have ousted Gaga for Twitter supremacy. Can you handle it, monsters?

This particular social media stat isn't as impressive as it once was, though. A report surfaced last year indicating that most of Gaga's followers were inactive or bot accounts, and the real value in a Twitter following at this point is how many people retweet. So if you get an RT, the tweet has more power than if you have a bajillion followers.

The Biebs does get a lot of RTs, so he may already be the Twitter-est!

They both have more followers than the total population of some countries, for heaven's sake.

We'll be watching as the Biebs inches towards total Twitter dominance and unseats Gaga. Will lil' monsters that follow the Biebs unfollow him en masse to try and stave off the inevitable? Will Beliebers create fake accounts to rack up more followers for their hero? This has the makings of a social media soap opera.

It makes sense for Da Biebs to own this domain, since his fame is a social media creation. He just celebrated six years since uploading his first YouTube cover with an acoustic perf.

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