Would you believe us if we told you Justin Bieber's massive hit with Skrillex and Diplo, the electro-pop "Where Are U Now?," is actually about Justin's once-contentious relationship with his dad? Because a former incarnation of the song definitely was.

One of the bonus tracks off Justin's sophomore album My World 2.0 called "Where Are You Now" (note the similar title!) is a Bieber deep cut, and a personal ballad that largely fell through the cracks at the time. On it he sings into the void about his father: “Where are you now when I need you most / Why don’t you take my hand / I wanna be close."

Back in 2010, Justin spoke with the New York Times about the ballad, saying, “That song is about my dad and having him not always being there. But my dad and I now have a great relationship. And I’m fine that stuff like that is coming out. I want to sing about things that are going on in my life, and a lot of people will be able to relate to it."

If you listen to the lyrics on the Jack U version, there's nothing immediately indicative of a romantic relationship -- most listeners just interpret it that way. Justin could still be channeling those long-ago feelings of abandonment, and they serve their purpose pretty well on "Where Are U Now?"

Watch the throwback clip of a 15-year-old Justin singing "Where Are You Now" above.

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