Kanye West is, by his own admission, "nice" and "boring."

Addressing the weirdest rumor ever during an interview with New York City radio station Hot 97 (which you can listen to above), Kanye denied claims that he kicked kids out of a Chuck E. Cheese. He says the only reason that bizarre rumor began circulating in the first place was because of the media's negative portrayal of him.

He said, "It's this thing of a celebrity being used as a punching bag. When I walk up to people, they say 'Wow, you're actually nice'. Like I'm [normally] walking around turning over furniture everywhere I go just because I had a period in my life where I expressed my frustrations at not being able to create in other fields... Then I was able to create in other fields and I killed it."

He continued, "Maybe people who don't have that aspiration can misinterpret my passion and misinterpret my understanding of the opportunities that we should have as being overly aggressive."

Kanye explains that, right now, he's focused on his various projects (of which there are enough to keep anyone busy for the rest of their lives). He said, "I can’t walk around trying to defend myself and chime in on everything," which is a fair point.

He also said that he's "completely boring, actually" because his day mostly consists of going to the studio and hanging out with his family. And while we get what he's saying, Kanye is one of the least boring celebrities on the planet right now. Just ask Beck. Or Taylor Swift. Or George W. Bush.

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