When mega rap superstar Kanye West uttered the now ubiquitous words of “Don't let me get in my zone," from the Jay-Z 'Watch the Throne' collab track, 'N----s in Paris', the Chicago rapper / producer probably meant it as a warning to not let him get into his artistic zone. However, computer game makers at Otter Spice had a different take on the lyric, and developed a low-tech game that has quickly become an Internet hit.

Appropriately located at KanyeZone.com, the game asks players to use their computer control buttons to keep a small floating head of Kanye West from entering a lavender circle in the middle of the screen, otherwise known as Kanye's Zone.

With each successful attempt of blocking his head from entering the zone, golden dollar signs burst throughout the screen, and the user accumulates money rather than points. Users can also compare their overall dollar-worth with the winnings of other players, as each player's bank amount is listed at the side of the screen.

Just in case you've forgotten what the object of the game is, the line “Don't let me get in my zone” plays unceasingly until you actually let West get into his zone. Once the tiny head enters the circle, both Kanye and Jay-Z proclaim “I'm definitely in my zone," letting you know you've failed to block Mr. West from slipping into the light purple ring. There's even a link to buy 'Watch The Throne' if the game inspires you to do so.

For those who believe that Kanye West has a big head when it comes to his ego, they may get a bit of satisfaction seeing his noggin shrunken down to size, as they desperately try to keep him from getting into his desired zone.