As you may already know, Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music album has sprung a leak. One song that caught our attention is track No. 1 on the album, 'To the World' featuring R. Kelly.

It's an interesting tune considering that R. Kelly once had a verbal and legal feud with Jay-Z over his professionalism on the 2004 Best of Both Worlds tour. Hova, who is good friend to West, appears on the LP's chest-pumping track, 'Clique' featuring Big Sean.

'To the World' is anthemic song with marching drums, dramatic orchestral strings, a downing piano groove and swirling keyboards. “Let me see you put your middle fingers up to the world," bellows Kels on the track.

There are plenty one-liners by Yeezy on the song. He boasts, "Only n---a in Beverly Hills, where the hell is Axle Foley at?” He also name-drops everyone from Francis Ford Coppola to Rick Ross to Tyrese.

But the most talked about lyrics is West's claim that GOP hopeful Mitt Romney is a tax dodger. "These n---as tryna hold me back / I’m just trying to protect my stacks / Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax, Mitt Romney don’t pay no tax," he spits. The lyric is an obvious reference to Romney refusing to show the media his tax returns from several years back.

The G.O.O.D. Music album 'Cruel Summer' is on the Internet for immediate downloading. Search in Google and you should be able to find a website brave enough to link you to a download spot. For others waiting to listen to the physical copy, it will be in stores on Sept. 18.

Listen to Kanye West, 'To the World' Featuring R. Kelly