One night after blasting Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' in London during a lengthy rant, dad-to-be Kanye West had anger issues once again on stage. This time, back in the same venue, West began screaming repeatedly during 'Touch the Sky' before slamming the microphone and leaving the stage.

Amateur footage from the Hammersmith Apollo concert shows West beginning to scream during the middle of the 'Touch the Sky' intro. He becomes more irate and seemingly screams as loud as he can, giving one final yell before heaving the microphone in the direction of the fan who was recording the incident with a phone cam. What prompted the outburst wasn't clear, though he may have been upset with technical issues.

Kanye has thrown tirades before, like at Bonnaroo in 2008, when he went on two hours late, starting his set at 4:30AM and performing for less than an hour after he felt his wasn't given enough time to set up his glow in the dark show. And of course, who can forget his MTV Video Music Awards rant, when he interrupted Taylor Swift's acceptance speech to yell that Beyonce should have won?

Maybe West is going through a stressful period right now, but we hope he gets it together for the sake of his family. The rapper and Kim Kardashian announced they are having a baby girl in July.