Karmin are back with a sassy new single, 'Acapella,' which will appear on their upcoming album due out via Epic this summer. It sounds exactly like the Karmin you've come to know and love on the back of their two No. 1 singles 'Hello' and 'Brokenhearted.'

Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan have perfected their pop-rap hybrid, which boasts as many pop culture references as a Beastie Boys' track. While the Beasties nod to the past, Karmin remain incredibly current, dropping "right now" commentary in their lyrics, which reels the kids in like a fish on a hook.

Full disclosure: 'Acapella' is catchier than germs and/or a highly contagious disease on a packed subway car.

If Kesha, Gwen Stefani and Nicki Minaj had a slumber party, got a hold of a spells book and started making mischief over a cauldron, they would eventually create a brand new vocalist via voodoo doll and it would sound like Heidemann. Her exaggerated, baby-voiced raps are peppered with abbrevs like "totes" and she dispenses nuggets of wisdom like, "I thought he was gluten-free / But all I got was bread" and "Let the gentleman pay / Never ever go dutch at the buffet." The latter are words to live and die by, for sure.

Ultimately, Heidemann, who is a trained musician, raps over slinky but thumpin' beats. It sounds like millions of dollars were spent and every studio tool known to man was used in an attempt to make 'Acapella' sound organic. It's catchy and should continue Karmin's streak of chart-topping hits.

There's a part towards the end of the song where Heidemann announces she will try a falsetto, and she fakes it. She quits mid-note and asks to bring the beat back. It feels totally manufactured and is a "moment" created by a producer. But it's still something you wanna sing along to.

Underneath all the slick production, 'Acapella' is a song about gaining your independence from dudes who are duds. Thematically, it could be this decade's answer to 'Single Ladies,' without being quite so anthemic and obvious.

Listen to Karmin, 'Acapella'