Dust off the disco ball, grab some super shimmery lip gloss and throw on a jumpsuit with a low zipper that lets the chest hair hang out, a la 'The Barry Gibb Talk Show.' Karmin's new single 'I Want It All' is a delish, lip-smacking slice of shiny, happy, decidedly retro disco pop.

'I Want It All' is not ashamed to be awash in '70s conventions and that's to the credit of both the song and the duo that got its start doing YouTube covers of Chris Brown tracks.

The song, set to appear on the band's debut 'Pulses,' which is still without a firm release date, is totally fun and leaves the cheese in fridge.

Karmin –that's Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, who are engaged to be married in addition to being bandmates—aren’t afraid to slather their compositions in loads and loads of thick, fattening Velveeta and 'Acapella,' the summer-released first single from 'Pulses,' was evidence of this fact.

'Acapella was an addictive guilty pleasure, but it stalled, probably because it was a bit overworked in a production sense, and 'I Want It All' wisely avoids such trappings.

It doesn't rely on Heidemann trying to rap to make it dynamic. It doesn't work overtime with its puns. Instead, it's a straightforward disco dance song that nods to the past and goes down easy. 'I Want It All' isn't rewriting the pop canon, but it's certainly a song we like listening to today.

Listen to Karmin 'I Want It All'