Karmin are here to crash your party. No, seriously! The duo, comprised of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan, got their start as a viral sensation by covering Chris Brown's 'Look at Me Now,' which helped them nab a recording contract with Epic. The YouTube-some has issued their debut single 'Crash Your Party' and it's a party for your ears, that's fo' sho!

In this audio/video clip, the band introduces the single, reminding us that with the Internet, you truly can live out your dream. The song is "hip-pop," meshing elements of classic pop with the street sensibilities of hip-hop, with Heidemann's delivery being utterly addictive. She switches tempos and tones throughout, rapping, singing and showing off infinite yet still cute swagger.

The track samples Black Sheep's '90s rap classic 'The Choice is Yours' a handful of times, anchoring the song's overall fluffy pop vibe with little bit of street heft, all the while lending some groove. We love when Heidemann sings, in an auto-tuned voice, "Who do you think you are / You can kiss my Oh My God!" It's a silly but singable non-sequitur.

Heidemann's rap parts remind us of Kesha's sassy, sleazy delivery, while her dreamy, femme singing is more akin to Gwen Stefani. She's not the most technically proficient singer, but she sounds so pleasant among the beats that if you're not tapping your toes by the first minute in, then you should probably check for a pulse. She pops off before the final chorus and we're all like "Damn, girl!" She's got diva-in-training chops.

The song is quirky, poppy and will have you twirling around your apartment and singing along.

Listen to Karmin, 'Crash Your Party'