YouTube sensations Karmin took to the 'Saturday Night Live' proving ground. While other Internet-born stars haven't fared so well on the show (here's lookin' at you, Lana Del Rey), the engaged duo of Amy Heidemann and Nick Noonan showed they're much more than a flash in the online pan.

When Karmin's musical guest stint was initially announced, fans wondered if the cute couple were going to perform original material or the hip-hop covers that gained them their notoriety. The pair nixed the gimmicky rap mimicries and instead did two of their own songs, latest single 'Brokenhearted' and 'Told You So.'

In their performance of 'Brokenhearted,' Heidemann rocks an A-line skirt, crop top and her signature victory-roll hairstyle. Backed not just by fiancee and partner-in-crime Noonan, but also a full band, singers and DJ Kalkutta, Heidemann's typically soaring vocals seemed strained at certain points in the song, as if she was struggling to be heard over the sounds behind her. However, she quickly gained her footing and showed that she's the star.

For 'Told You So,' Heidemann rocks a hot pink trench coat and spits her signature rapid fire rhymes, while Noonan lurks about behind her, occasionally banging on his keyboards. Soon, Heidemann ditches the coat to reveal a skintight black outfit of leggings and a crop top underneath. Noonan matches her in head-to-toe onyx hues and sunglasses, creating a modernized Sandy and Danny from 'Grease' look. Like in their performance of 'Brokenhearted,' Noonan joins Heidemann to provide vocals on the song's hook, but his are more audible and distinct this time around.

Heidemann dances a lot (she even gets low!), but for non-fans, her exaggerated and constant facial expressions are probably a bit much -- she seems almost too proud of herself. However, it fits with the braggadocio of the lyrics.

All in all, the duo likely expanded their audience beyond their viral fanbase and gave viewers something to talk about over breakfast on Sunday morning.


Watch Karmin Perform 'Broken Hearted'


Watch Karmin Perform 'Told You So'