After watching his two team members battle each other on 'Bleeding Love' by Leona Lewis, 'The Voice' mentor Adam Levine seemed eager to hide behind his cardigan for the remainder of the show on Monday night. On stage host Carson Daly urged him to choose between Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker. Levine agonized over the decision, before agonizing some more.

Both singers overcame difficulties to get to the battle-round stage. Taylor gained confidence after a childhood that involved an abusive father, and Parker -- the bubbly blonde insurance office worker Daly surprised during the blind auditions -- was just finding her voice again after taking two years off to recover from the effects of mold in a house she was living in.

During rehearsals, Robin Thicke said Taylor is a contestant that could win the whole competition. Parker seemed nervous early on during rehearsals with Alanis Morrisette. She admitted she was worried about beginning the song, and the 'Ironic' singer admitted it happens to her as well before giving her advice.

It's difficult to say that either singer was at her best during the battle. Both seemed nervous, and neither showed much in the way of stage presence. All three coaches whose votes didn't count chose Parker. "This was your song, this was your battle, you would be my choice," Cee Lo Green said.

In the end, after he emerged from his sweater, Levine agreed with his fellow mentors. The bubbly blonde that Christina Aguilera compared to Adele will move on the the viewer vote rounds when they begin next month.

Watch Katrina Parker and Angel Taylor Perform 'Bleeding Love' on 'The Voice'