Katrina Parker's move to Hollywood was sidetracked in 2008 when mold in her home made her sick for over two years. The 34-year-old returned to her dream during a blind audition on 'The Voice' Monday night, and sang Joan Osbourne's 'One of Us' well enough to convince Adam Levine to turn around.

"Not having music it's like someone has taken the magic out of my life," Parker said before the music started. "I'm ready to have magic again."

While all four coaches seemed on the verge of pressing their plungers, only Levine went through with it. He admitted her audition wasn't perfect, but that he loved Parker's style and appreciated her as something different from other singers on his team.

The curlycue blond from Holly Ridge, N.C. (population 900) was all smiles when Christina Aguilera paid her a compliment -- and when Cee Lo Green hit on her. Earlier, host Carson Daly hand-delivered an invite to Parker, who was working as an underwriting assistant in Hollywood. Her entire office was on hand to surprise her with the red envelope.

Afterward, as she poured into the green room to be congratulated by her parents, emotions ran high. "Don't make me cry, I'm ugly when I cry," Parker said, fighting back tears.

Watch Katrina Parker Perform 'One of Us' on 'The Voice'