The lovely Katy Perry is the latest pop star to leap to the aid of the victims of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that rocked the nation to its very core last Friday.

Perry tweeted several times that she will be donating the proceeds of some of the merch she sells on tour to the Red Cross. The singer, who is currently on tour overseas, effectively posted a "call to action" to fans in Amsterdam and Germany over the past two days.

One Tweet posted by Perry read as follows: "If u go by the merchandise stand, purchase a KP light-up wand. All proceeds will go 2 to #Japanredcross."

Perry also tweeted on March 14 that she will be incorporating support for the victims into her live show, writing: "And when I play 'Firework,' let's ignite the light for them tonight. I will be doing this for future shows so be ready!"

Kudos to Perry for following Lady Gaga’s lead by encouraging her fans to purchase benefit items and for sending good energy into the universe for the victims of one of the worst natural disasters in history. Well done, ladies! The world could use a few more pop divas who follow your example.