Katy Perry screamed "I love the kids!" when she took the stage to accept her 2013 Kids' Choice Award for Favorite Female singer tonight (March 23) at the live ceremony. She looked ready for summer in her dark blue, two piece outfit, comprised of a bikini top and a pencil skirt. It was a quintessential K.P. look.

Before saying it was the coolest award she has received and sharing that she is so excited for the next time that she will be there on that stage -- which will be likely in support of the follow up to 'Teenage Dream' -- she was cutely accosted by the boys in Big Time Rush, who presented her with the award. They were sorta fighting over who got to hug her. Can you blame them? She's Katy Perry and she is so huggable and cute. Plus, she is also newly single, having just split with John Mayer.

Perry wrapped her short and sweet speech by saying, "Stay safe and stay in school. Have a good time, stay in school!"

Education is an important youth initiative for Katy Perry, it seems, if her KCAs speech is any indication of her beliefs.

Congrats, Katy. You are one of our favorite female singers, too.