If her Twitter is to be believed to be any indication about her emotional status, Katy Perry is seriously bummed about her split with John Mayer -- and she is falling from cloud nine again.

She posted a tweet featuring Tristan Prettyman's breakup song 'I Was Gonna Marry You' as new information has come to light that the fast and furious pace of the duo's relationship was too much, too soon for her 'Queen of California' beau.

At first, we were taken aback that Perry may have felt so strongly about Mayer, posting a song referencing marriage, since her union with Russell Brand has only been dissolved for about a year. But then again, she's a woman with a broken heart.

While it's been rumored that the Perry and Mayer broke up due to his drinking issues, new intel suggests that this breakup was a longtime coming, due to a "too much, too soon" direction of the relationship, some fighting and increasing work commitments. Uh, yeah, that sounds like most normal partnerships, doesn't it?

"Introducing her to his dad was a big deal," a Mayer source told Us Weekly about the inevitably of the end of the romance.

"It was just too much, too soon," another insider adds.

With Mayer is fully recovered after vocal cord therapy that silenced him for months in 2012 and is about to embark on a long tour, and Perry gearing up to begin work on the follow up to 'Teenage Dream,' they are certainly pressed to find time to be together. Plus, they had been fighting.

But through every piece of gossip about the black cloud that is this split, there seems to be a silver lining. The possibility of reconciling remains there and mentioned repeatedly. "They've broken up before so it's hard to tell," a friend said. "She's changed a lot since she's been with him ... [you] can't argue that she has been in love."

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