Katy Perry made her highly anticipated guest starring stint on 'Raising Hope' tonight (March 6) and we have to hand it to her: she was hilarious!

In the episode, Sabrina gets arrested when she's the only protestor left at an 'Occupy Wall St.'-style rally. She antagonizes (any "antagonizes," we mean "kicks in the junk") an auxiliary cop to get him to arrest her to draw more attention to her cause.

Sabrina is apprehended and put in custody, where she encounters Perry's character, a fiery, curly topped prison guard named Rikki. With her huge blue eyes flashing maniacally, Rikki tells Sabrina that they were besties until Sabrina dumped her in 6th grade to be popular. She then dumps Sabrina's lunch on the floor and stomps on it, smashing her apple. Sabrina is baffled, so Rikki tries to refresh her: she insists they were in Little Beavers scouts together.

When Sabrina is still puzzled and mentions she dropped out to join cheerleading, Rikki revokes her pillow and blanket and said she can earn her badges back over the course of her two weeks in jail. She does this by donning her Little Beavers uniform (think Brownies), then by singing the theme song, which is rife with double entendres. She eventually makes Sabrina don the uniform once more to sell cookies to male inmates at the prison. Yikes!

Perry clearly had fun with the role, and she disappeared into it completely. She was hysterical to boot! If she can transform like this, a role in the Paul Potts biopic isn't hard to fathom at all.

Did you catch Katy Perry on 'Raising Hope?' What did you think of her performance? Let us know in the comments!

Watch a Clip of Katy Perry on 'Raising Hope'