Katy Perry dropped her black and white lyric video for her second 'Prism' single 'Unconditionally,' featuring a long-haired, naked female lip-syncing the lyrics while the words flow on the screen.

She is singing passionately to a distressed-looking young chap -- also naked and resembling the pouty-lipped offspring of Lorde and Leonardo DiCaprio. He is clearly unhappy and unsettled. They are never in the same frame. Until the very end, of course ... when you realize it's two women!

Overall, it feels like an actual music video. It's simple, but it's powerful. The two actresses -- actually, these two unfairly pretty and genetically blessed creatures are probably models -- convey a lot of emotion in their eyes and body language throughout the course of the video.

Perry's words are profound -- she's singing about letting go and learning to love again, despite the risks -- and this clip allows them to be the focus.