We know that some of our fave celebs are fans of grills (we're looking at you, Harry Styles), but lately three of our favorite pop stars have surprised us with their metallic smiles. Although Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus and Rita Ora all have very unique style, we think they all pull them off. Who do you think wears grills the best?

Katy Perry walked the 2013 MTV VMAs red carpet with bling on her dress and her teeth! The singer sported a grill on her top row of teeth. This was a shocking look, even for the pop star who used to flaunt a blue wig. However, we know Katy has a good sense of humor and this accessory reflects her ability to have fun with fashion.

Is there any trend Miley won't try? In a recent chat with Harper's Bazaar's Laura Brown, Miley whipped out her grills, which she just happened to have in her purse. "Here's my plain gold when I'm trying to be chill, just trying to blend in," the singer said before popping in the piece. Since the definition of "blending in" is flaunting an expensive gold bar over your teeth. Nevertheless, Miley owns this trend.

Rita Ora is a style chameleon. While we often see her hair change and her outfits go from tomboy to glam, she never fails to try an edgy look. Earlier this month, she was photographed wearing a backwards baseball cap, tartan jacket and blinged-out grill. The metal piece adorned her bottom row of teeth and was accented by her bright red lipstick. Rita is stylish enough that even she can make grills work with a casual outfit.

Which singer pulls off this edgy look the best? Vote for your fave grill-bearing star below!