It's bad enough that the world had to suffer through Katy Perry's super flat performance of 'Wide Awake' at the MuchMusic Video Awards last night (June 17), but now we have to read about the aftermath of her brilliant (read: not so brilliant) red carpet idea.

Perry showed up with an entourage of young girls dressed as the characters she portrayed in a number of her previous videos. The 27-year-old singer is coming under fire for allowing a young girl to come dressed as her from her 'California Gurls' video, complete with cupcakes over her boobs. Even though this youngin's mom should've known better, we get the impression that she'd rather have her daughter appear on a red carpet dressed like a tot from 'Toddlers and Tiaras,' than, say that chick on the right with the mouthbrace.

Even the mini-Katy with the big Jersey hair in the pink shirt is staring at this cupcake-bra wearing grade schooler thinking, "Giiiirl, that is not a good look!" Or ya know, "This b---- is gonna hog all the spotlight." Something like that.

Feminist blogs tore Perry a new one for essentially sexualizing a little girl. While we doubt that was her intent, it still shows a slight lack of foresight on her part ... sort of like not changing out of her nude bodysuit did. And admit it, the kid does look cute!

Do you think the costume crossed the line or that the world is overreacting? Tell us in the comments below!

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