Keke Palmer plays no-nonsense college freshman Zayday Williams on Scream Queens, but she's all grown-up (and at one point, naked) in the video for her new single. 

The Akeelah and the Bee star's first studio album was So Uncool in 2007. The actress-singer signed with Island Records earlier this year, and "I Don't Belong to You" is Keke's first new music since her 2012 self-titled mixtape. Keke's new visual, co-directed by Mia Swier and Jim Swaffield, seems to signal a new chapter in her singing career, just as she rises to further prominence in the Fox horror-comedy and news that she's joined the cast of Fox's Grease: Live.

Like Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato, Keke was much younger when fans first got to know her onscreen and, also like them, she aims to assert her grown-womanhood in the "I Don't Belong to You" video. She executive-produced the clip, which is in itself somewhat reminiscent of recent efforts from the aforementioned singers: There's a sultry shower scene as in Selena's "Good For You" video, and [SPOILER ALERT!] the end finds Keke visiting Cassie at a lavish house, ostensibly to engage in the kind of lite Sapphic action Demi hints at in "Cool For the Summer." Fans of watching Keke look generally perfect will also enjoy shots of her hanging out in black lace lingerie before wrapping herself in fur to jump in the ol' vintage Rolls.

Watch the "I Don't Belong to You" video above, and if you love her smooth new sound, scoop up the single on iTunes.

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