The darling Kelly Clarkson has a boyfriend and her new relationship status helped her slim down with a 30-pound weight loss. She's been gushing about him in the press, too, arousing our curiosity about the lucky man. Fans can get a look at handsome, bearded devil who put the smile on Clarkson's adorable face, as the happy couple have made their public debut.

Clarkson is dating Brandon Blackstock and it's "all in the family." Brandon is the son of her manager, Narvel Blackstock, who is also married to Reba McEntire, making him Reba's stepson. The younger Blackstock also manages 'The Voice' coach and country singer Blake Shelton. So Clarkson is in good with country royalty as a result of her new relationship. She and Blackstock have been an item since sometime last year.

While we've been hearing a bunch about the relationship as of late, Clarkson, 30, and Blackstock, 35, officially "came out" when they appeared at the Barn Party Bonfire Celebration in Whites Creek, Tennessee on May 31.

Aren't they cute? Clarkson deserves to be happy! She gushed to Us Weekly that "I'm so happy now" when promoting her new reality show 'Duets,' saying, "I love that I'm in a relationship right now ... I want a life … the past five years or so I've found my groove and my balance."

Clarkson, whose recent single 'Stronger' was a huge smash, celebrating the fact that being alone doesn't mean you are lonely, joked that her relationship-derived happiness is certainly stifling her ability to write anything other than happy songs.

She said, "I'm too happy! He's ruining my creativity. I'm writing all this happy s---! It's killing me ... people are going to be like, 'What the hell happened to you?' It's difficult. But awesome!" She also clarified that she isn't complaining about this "awesome problem to have."

Congrats, Kelly!

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