It's not like we needed another reason to love Kelly Clarkson, but lo and behold, she's given us one: The chanteuse has put her own unique spin on 'The Voice' judge Cee Lo Green's smash 'Forget You' at the kickoff of her Stronger tour on Jan. 13, at the MGM Grand Foxwoods venue in Connecticut.

Clarkson explained that she'll be accepting requests from fans to do a different cover at each show along her tour: "Everybody's always asking me to sing their favorites and Lord, I can't get to them all, so I thought I'd do a request thing online ... And ask y'all what y'all want to hear," she said. First up was her version of 'Forget You,' as requested by a fan named Javier — and though it's an amazing song in its own right, it was made all the more enjoyable with Clarkson's dulcet voice, backed by thousands of fans singing along.

She kept it family-friendly by singing the clean version of the song, and did a little gender-mix-up by singing the lyrics "See you driving around town with the boy I love," but the likable spunk of the original was totally preserved.

Keep killing it, Kelly!

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform Cee Lo Green's 'Forget You' Live