Kelly Clarkson will fix you or forget you… on stage, that is!

The singer is taking a page out of Taylor Swift's tour book and covering different artists at each of her tour dates. While Swift's choices were geographically motivated and often featured a local artist joining her onstage, Clarkson is being more democratic and is letting fans choose the covers in her set list. She is even giving those very fans onstage shout outs when she goes to the sing the song!

Two key covers she's performed so far on her winter tour? Coldplay's melancholic, heartstring-tugger 'Fix You' and Cee Lo Green's kiss-off anthem 'Forget You.' Maybe Kel was prepping for her upcoming role as a 'Voice' mentor, where Cee Lo serves as a coach, with the latter?

Albany, N.Y. fans chose to hear Clarkson offer her take of Coldplay's 'Fix You' and she nailed it. It's Clarkson's voice that moves us six ways to Sunday, so the verdict is that her fans chose wisely. She then performed 'Forget You' while at the MGM Grand Foxwoods in Connecticut, a marked change of pace from the Coldplay cover. With her sparkly jacket and white punk rock tee, Clarkson was a vision as she bounced around the stage. Quick, grab us a ticket to Clarkson's next gig!

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform Coldplay's 'Fix You'

Watch Kelly Clarkson Perform Cee Lo Green's 'Forget You'