What's one thing Kelly Clarkson doesn't miss much now that she's pregnant? Booze. What's something she does miss? Not puking all the time!

The 'Wrapped in Red' singer sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to chat about everything from her holiday album to her morning sickness.

So does she wish she could imbibe on eggnog? Not really. "I'm not really a big drinker, but when I am drinking, it's like I'm trying to win some award. It's really bad," Clarkson chuckled. "It's like, 'Who's gonna get the drunkest?! Who's holding my hair?!'" She explained, "It's because I don't drink often, and then I go out with my friends that do drink, and they have a tolerance, so I try to keep up with them ... first bad thing to do!"

Even though Clarkson's not drinking for two, she still needs someone to hold her hair, because the poor girl can't stop throwing up from her pregnancy! "It is so upsetting when I ask women, and they're like, 'Oh, you're gonna love this!' and I ask them, 'Oh, were you sick?' and they're like, 'No!'" she stammered. "I want to hit all of them with my car. I vomit a good dozen times a day. It's bad!" she yelped. "I vomited before I came out here. But I had a peppermint so you wouldn't know."

She added, "You're not attractive when you're pregnant. Everyone's like, 'Oh, you glow, and your hair is pretty and your nails grow!' That's total crap," she said. "My nails are short, my hair still falls out, it's not all lush and beautiful, and I have no glow unless it's something left over from a bathroom trip." She was quick to add, "I am happy to be pregnant! I just wish he or she would stop trying to kill me!"

What else did Clarkson chat about? Learning to fly, sobbing at her wedding, her baby's name and more -- and she performed 'Underneath the Tree!'

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