If you've recently been burned by the tempestuous train wreck that is love, then it might feel like Kelly Clarkson's music video for 'Heartbeat Song' was tailor-made for you. The video starts off showing different couples at the very end of their relationships -- when things just aren't working out anymore, and someone decides to end it. It's painful and it sucks and it can feel like the world is nothing more than a dearth of all things love and joy.

But Kelly's here to tell you that no matter how desolate and hopeless your prospects in love may seem, the most important thing to do is to stay open to the possibility of loving again. Is it a cheesy message you've heard a million times that does nothing to dull the pain of heartbreak when you're actually going through it? Yeah. But the video doesn't come off that way -- it's an honest display of people meeting each other organically and somehow finding each other when all hope seemed otherwise lost.

Check out Kelly's new video and let us know -- did it tug at your heartstrings? Or have you been burned so many times there's no heart left to speak of? Are we projecting a little here?

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