As we mentioned previously, 'American Idol' winner Kelly Clarkson has a post-holiday treat for her fans. The 'Mr. Know It All' singer released her 'iTunes Sessions' EP today.

For fans of the Texan powerhouse, this is a unique addition to Clarkson's catalog. While she doesn't need bells and whistles to sound fantastic, Clarkson's records are usually polished and produced to perfection. This EP has eight stripped down, live cuts of Clarkson's hits, allowing her voice to take center stage.

Most of the songs simply sound like simplified versions of the originals (especially 'Why Don't You Try,' which was originally a cover of an Eric Hutchinson track). However, Clarkson's rendition of her 2007 track 'Never Again' is almost completely reworked. The original was a seething guitar driven kiss off anthem that Clarkson penned herself. The 'iTunes Sessions' version was transformed into a piano ballad. If the lyrics weren't the same, they'd sound like entirely different songs.

The EP also features a 35-minute interview with the ever-candid Clarkson, as well as her Sound Off winning (if now slightly untimely) version of 'I'll Be Home for Christmas.'

‘iTunes Sessions’ Track List:
1. ‘Mr. Know It All (iTunes Session)’
2. ‘Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) (iTunes Session)’
3. ‘You Can't Win (iTunes Session)’
4. ‘Never Again (iTunes Session)’
5. ‘Since U Been Gone (iTunes Session)’
6. ‘Why Don't You Try (iTunes Session)’
7. ‘My Life Would Suck Without You (iTunes Session)’
8. ‘I'll Be Home for Christmas (iTunes Session)’
9. 'Interview (iTunes Session)'