Like so many tracks do, Kelly Clarkson's new 'Let Me Down' single has sneakily found its way to the web. Good news though -- it's awesome.

Clarkson takes a a step away from pop-soulful and leaps into pop-rock with this track, which delivers a hauntingly strong line from the get go: "The funny thing about forever is it comes with a side of never never."

By the sound of the chorus -- which sounds confusingly like Pink, by the way -- Clarkson is pretty sure she's about to get a blow, as she repeats "You're only gonna let me down when it counts" more than a handful of times.

We can't help but feel for her, because in our book, the Clarkster gets four stars for awesomeness. If this song were to come on the radio, as it likely will in a few weeks, we'd have to do a double take to figure out if we were listening to K. Clark or the 'Sober' hitmaker, so that's why we gave Kelly a strike on the originality factor.

We dig this track and especially the original 'American Idol' winner's charged attitude!

Listen to Kelly Clarkson, 'Let Me Down'