With her fall wedding fast approaching, Kelly Clarkson has announced who will be her bestie on her big day.

Ashley and Kelly have a long history together, growing up in the same Texas town and working side by side at a local movie theater as teens. After Kelly won the very first 'American Idol' in 2002, they even became roomies in a Los Angeles apartment, where they hung out, watching 'Friends' reruns and staying up late. If that's not classic best friends stuff, what is?

Meanwhile, the bride is planning most of the Nashville, Tenn., ceremony herself and is "having a blast doing it," a source tells Us Weekly.

Kelly and Brandon -- who manages 'Voice' coach Blake Shelton -- are using another famous couple's nuptials as a template for their own. "They are doing a smaller, homey version of Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's wedding at home in Nashville right after the Maroon 5 tour wraps," the insider says. "Kelly wants it to be small, but really personal and fun."

With the playful Shelton as the day's rumored entertainment, could the wedding be anything but fun?