Kelly Clarkson hit Los Angeles' The Troubadour a few days before her fifth album 'Stronger' dropped. The show was filmed and it captured Clarkson in all her glory. She can rip the roof off with that reality-show winning voice of hers. Her crowd banter is hilarious, since she has such a good sense of humor and isn't afraid to poke fun at herself onstage and to her fans. Overall, she is a consummate performer, be it in an arena, on the 'American Idol' stage or in an intimate setting such as the Troub.

The clip is 21 minutes long but it moves quickly, bolstered by Clarkson's bouncy nature. She looked super casual in black pants, screen printed-tee and shiny blazer, which she ditched midway through, as if she were performing a show for some of her closest pals.

Our favorites were her live renditions of 'Dark Side' and 'Mr. Know It All,' which she calls her "sassy song, it's where my sass comes out." Don't we know it, Kel.

She also performed the fan-chosen 'Sober,' which she says in one of her favorites since she wrote it when she was inspired by a friend who used the phrase "pick the weeds and keep the flowers." She apologized in advance for screwing it up, since she had not performed the song in quite some time. But we have to hand it to her -- she sounded terrific. Maybe we're just biased?

Watch Kelly Clarkson Live at the Troubadour