Kelly Clarkson has yet to premiere the video for her new single, 'Mr. Know It All,' but the original 'American Idol' is already taking us behind the scenes of the clip. Looking super pretty with her sleek, flat-ironed and glossy hair, Clarkson shares the origins of the video as she invites viewers on set in Nashville.

"The song is about variety," Clarkson said about the song's lyrical direction. "The whole point of the song ... I love the concept that 'you don't know a thing about me.' It's ignorant to think you know everything about me. There are so many different sides to everybody's personality and there are different colors. This shows the varieties of Kelly."

The video also features an interesting construct known as the "wall of doubt," which is comprised of all the headlines that have been written about Clarkson, many of which are not true. She says that the stories about her range from funny to ridiculous and that one side (or variety) of her personality is how she deals with it, which is sarcastically.

In this clip, the singer's Texas accent comes out, especially when she explains that the video is meant to show the "different varieties of me," which is why she sports several different outfits throughout. She looks incredible with feathers in her hair while wearing a long swatch of silky pink fabric.

Usually behind-the-scenes footage from a video is revealed well after the actual clip premieres, but this sneak peak serves to pre-promote the video. We love seeing Clarkson twist the promotional formula.

'Mr. Know It All' appears on 'Stronger,' due out Oct. 24. A premiere date has not yet been confirmed for 'Mr. Know It All.'

Watch Kelly Clarkson on the Set of 'Mr. Know It All'