Kelly Clarkson has been flirting with country music for the past few years. The Texas gal has straddled the line between the pop and country genres, ya'll, even releasing singles in the latter genre as she attempts to cross over. She certainly experiments even more with that sound on her new single 'Tie It Up,' thanks to the twanged-out guitars and groove.

Even so, it's not quite a full-on country jam, although we can foresee it getting airplay in that format. It's a ballsy rocker, full of hand-on-the-hip sass. You tell 'em, girl.

There are actual wedding bells blended into the mix, since the song's lyrics are all about getting married, being "forever bound," setting the date and cutting the cake, since every ball needs a chain. It's a playful take on all the pomp and circumstance, and planning, that goes into the ceremony.

Clarkson herself is engaged, with a rumored October wedding on the horizon, but this isn't a song she'll be singing at her own nuptials. However, it is still a super fun take on the institution and tradition.

Clarkson's voice is big and soulful, and that's why this song doesn't feel, well, married to one genre. It's insanely catchy and sounds like a song that could live on a Pink album, given the bravado and attitude. She also channels a little of mid-'90s Alanis Morissette, but she's a way more powerful singer, which prevents the song from being angsty.

After a series of straightforward pop singles that were empowering and uplifting, it's refreshing for her to let her hair down and sing over a guitar. Clarkson's first (and arguably best) single 'Since U Been Gone' had similar spunk and she is revisiting a formula that has worked well for her.

All in all, Clarkson successfully walks the tightrope between pop and country without a net on 'Tie It Up.' It satisfies fans of both genres and then some.

You can see her live performance of the track here, BTW.

Listen to Kelly Clarkson, 'Tie It Up'