Kelly Clarkson is as famous for her breakup songs as she is for her clashes with her label, her 'American Idol' roots and Simon Cowell, but things have improved with time.

In fact, when she visited 'The View' on Oct. 26, Clarkson said that 'Stronger' is her favorite album yet. "Once it's your fifth album, people know you better -- the producers, the writers that you're working with, my label knows me better. It's just more smooth."

This doesn't mean her new album was completely conflict free. In fact, though it's widely considered a breakup album, some of the lyrics are actually about Clarkson's issues with her label. "I actually haven't had a boyfriend in a while. A lot of them are metaphors," Clarkson clarified. "They're not about relationships with guys, but also working relationships, family stuff. I just write metaphorically sometimes because a lot more people relate to it when it's a guy-girl song."

While on the subject of her single life, Clarkson set the record straight: It's not completely voluntary! "I think that's my fault. I've dated some cool guys, but I don't think I've met someone where I'm like, 'I want to spend the rest of my life with you,'" she lamented. "I've never had that feeling."

Cohost Whoopi Goldberg pointed out that Clarkson's busy schedule may get in the way, to which she agreed. "People don't get that," Clarkson said. "Plus I work with a bunch of married people. I'm never even around a single person," she said. "I don't know if they've moved to some remote place, but there will be time for that."

The pressure is definitely there, though. "I'm from a small town, so everyone is married with children," Clarkson said. "So it's a little hard when you go home. And that's why people think I'm gay! 'Cause they're like, 'I don't understand why you're not married.' It doesn't happen for everyone off the bat!"

Despite her mile-a-minute dating diatribe, Clarkson makes it clear that music is and will continue to be her first love. "I haven't found anybody that I'd put that on the side for," Clarkson says of her music. "I think that's my purpose. I think it's what I'm here for and I might not want to do this when I'm 50, so I might as well do as much of it now as I can."

As for where she wants to be when she's 50? "I want to be married! I want to find someone!" Clarkson laughed. "It looks romantic ... But the last date I went on was horrible. I'd just like to go on a good date."

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