Even though Lady Gaga has been praised for her originality, she has often been the brunt of a lot of criticism for ripping off past generations of musicians. When she donned the "mermaid in a wheelchair" costume, Bette Midler blasted her because she had been doing that act for years. Now, many people have praised Gaga's appearance at the VMAs as Jo Calderone for it's originality and advocacy for gay rights -- but not Kelly Osbourne. She smelled a rip-off, and called Gaga out on Twitter for it.

On her Twitter page, Osbourne wrote, "i love lady gaga but i wish she would start giving credit where credit is due!" She also wrote "example... 1984 PEOPLE!" with a link to Annie Lennox's 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)' performance at the 1984 Grammys.

For those of you who aren't familiar with Lennox, she was the vocalist for the Grammy award-winning British pop rock duo the Eurythmics, whose biggest hits include 'Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This),' 'Missionary Man,' and 'Would I Lie to You,' just to name a few. Lennox was often noted for having a very androgynous look, sporting short hairdos and gender-bending outfits.

While Gaga took her Jo Calderone persona the whole nine yards, speaking and dressing like the alter ego throughout the entire VMA show, the physical similarities between Gaga and Annie Lennox's drag king looks are undeniable. Both women wore black suits and tousled, short black hair. However, Lennox looks quite attractive as a guy (sorry Gaga!), and bears an uncanny resemblance to fellow androgynous rock star David Bowie. Gaga looked more Ralph Maccio in 'The Outsiders' or Fonzie from 'Happy Days.'

Although Osbourne called out Gaga on being an Annie Lennox look-alike, she is still a big fan of the songstress. A few days later, she tweeted, "I love @LadyGaga. She puts bravery back into fashion!"

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