Last week's episode of Cee Lo Green's weekly interview show 'Talking to Strangers' found him flirting heavily with Kelly Rowland to the point of awkwardness. Last night, the second part of the interview aired, where Rowland flipped the switch and interviewed Cee Lo, instead of the other way around. PopCrush is happy to report that the pair cooled the flirting which had us wondering if there was a little something something going on between them off camera ... That is, until the final five minutes of the episode.

This week, Cee Lo told Rowland about his alter ego, Super Chicken Jones, which inspired his outrageous, outlandish stage costumes. The Chicken was inspired by the mighty Elton John, George Clooney and Grace Jones, whom he referred to as "mavericks." He also said that his outfits show off his confidence. Rowland applauded Cee Lo for being brave with his sound and his looks, since most men aren't comfortable enough to wear bright, bold colors. Case in point: The citrusy, loud orange attire Cee Lo wore while chatting up Rowland.

He also opened up about Goodie Mob, and how important that group was to his development as an artist. 'The Voice' also came up in conversation, with Cee Lo pointing out that the show steers clear of pretension. He suggested that potential artists should "start out being who you are and give people an indication that you are more than one thing."

The flirting began to heat up again in the last five minutes of this episode. Cee Lo also said that the one artist he would like to collaborate on record with is Prince, "if we would have me in his creative space." Rowland said "I would love for us to collaborate" and they both said they are not going to let go of each other.

Cee Lo ended the show saying, "Thank you, Kelly Green. I'm going to wife her up." He also asked for her ring size in the outtakes.

Watch First Clip of Cee Lo + Kelly Rowland Interview

Watch Second Clip of Cee Lo + Kelly Rowland Interview